“A highly engaging story with well-fleshed-out characters and flawless prose.”
Tahlia Newland, author of THE LOCKSMITH’S SECRET

bardwells-folly-tugboat-designEudora Bardwell’s father was the white Southern author of THE novel about slavery, a man who settled his large family up north in a replica of a plantation house and never spoke of his past. A tragic accident pulled Dori from college to care for her only remaining brother, but now the money is running out, her ex-boyfriend seems intent on revenge, a media baron has designs on her father’s last, unfinished manuscript, and her own thoughtless blackface joke is about to go viral and turn her life upside down.

With a new, media-savvy African-American friend she’s not sure she can trust, Dori embarks on a voyage into her secret family history that might just lead her right back to where she started.

If you like humorous, heartfelt book club fiction with a strong romantic thread, a love of literature, and a sharp eye for race and class in America, you’ll love BARDWELL’S FOLLY.

“Dori is a fabulous, sympathetic character, caught up in a rollicking, funny, original, beautifully-written journey.”
— Lucia Nevai, author of SALVATION

“Once again, Sandra Hutchison expertly weaves enticing characters with captivating imagery, creating a story so engrossing it’s impossible to put down and even harder to forget.”
— S.M. Freedman, author of THE FAITHFUL and IMPACT WINTER

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Can a sixteen-year-old girl and a physics professor twice her age help each other survive unexpected losses … or will that just make everything worse?

The Ribs and Thigh Bones of Desire -- showing a (dressed) teenage girl on a bed, looking rather pensive.In a small Western Massachusetts town in 1977, a thirty-two-year-old widowed physics professor and the sixteen-year-old girl who used to babysit his daughter forge a bond fraught with potential scandal as they try to help each other survive loss, guilt, fear, trauma — and growing up.

THE RIBS AND THIGH BONES OF DESIRE asks: Is there ever a time when doing the wrong thing can be exactly right? Recipient of an Awesome IndiesSeal of Excellence,” it was also a 2015 Readers’ Choice Award nominee for literary fiction.

What readers are saying:

“It’s a gutsy, beautiful book.”
— Tim Farrington, author of THE MONK DOWNSTAIRS

“…a beautifully crafted book about loss and grief, marriage and family, sex and evil and the resiliency of the human spirit.”
— Jillian Coleman Wheeler at

“…entertaining all readers while providing grist for the mill to those who are looking for something deeper.”
— BigAl of BigAl and Pals

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“lovely and humorous” — Publisher’s Weekly review of the ABNA manuscript

“engrossing and well-written” — BigAl at BigAl and Pals

Cover for The Awful Mess: A Love Storytugboat-cover-for-the-awful-messA recently divorced woman tries to start fresh in a small New Hampshire town, but a surprise pregnancy, a shocking secret, and a handsome cop shatter her expectations.

One of five general fiction semifinalists for the 2014 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award, THE AWFUL MESS explores how people reconcile their feelings, their beliefs, and their community with the occasional absolutely horrifying screw-up.

Read a free sample HERE.

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