So I can meet other goals in 2018, this blog is going ad hoc

By Sandra Hutchison

My writing goals for this year:

  1. Write 1,000 words a (week) day on the next novel (or two)
  2. Revise and either query or publish DISORGANIZE ME
  3. Try some new promotional techniques
  4. Maybe publish an audio book or two — though it would help if I could stand to listen to audio books myself.

So far I’m succeeding with the first one, slowly getting through the second one, and learning what I need to for the third one. Fourth one may have to wait for next year.

The problem: these goals are not compatible with blogging regularly, even monthly, because it often takes me at least a good day of work to get a decent post up. (Also, I’m a fan of having weekends.)

Mary and Winslow are getting a sequel!

Other than putting up a post when I really need to share some big news, I may try to start a routine of updating old posts, or posting reviews I have up in other venues, or just leveraging what I’ve already got by sharing it better. But right now I’m maniacally focused on the next book, a sequel to THE AWFUL MESS called THE COMPLETE DISASTER, in which new arrivals test Winslow, Mary, and the little town of Lawson.

After that, hopefully, will come another sequel called THE FULL CATASTROPHE. (I don’t even know what that’s about yet.) If I can get them BOTH drafted before next fall, I’ll know I can push my productivity up to where it needs to be to make this writing gig something that could compete with a day job.

Maybe the cover. Maybe not. Either way, sign up for my mailing list if you want to hear when it’s available.

Of course, DISORGANIZE ME still needs (more)  revision and edits and then I have to decide once and for all whether to give the traditional route a try or just stick to my current indie strategy. I’d love the next novel to get wider distribution if it can, and it probably wouldn’t hurt to have an official credential, for whatever that might be worth. But to be honest, it feels like a gigantic gamble, like farming a child out to somebody else who claims they can raise it better. Can they really? I see an awful lot of neglected children out there. So this is really a tough one for me. (If you want to weigh in, feel free.)

Thanks to the new tax bill, I already estimated my taxes and discovered that 2017 was a surprisingly good year for Sheer Hubris Press, which complicates all this decision making. I priced the books up a bit and right now I’m reaching readers who don’t just read indie books or even just eBooks. Is this a fluke, or something I can build on? Is this a smart strategy for indie publishing, really, or only for gaining a traditional toehold? (If you know, tell me!)

Selling along with Celeste Ng

IN GOOD COMPANY: Ribs is currently selling with a literary title that has a cover I coveted from the moment I saw it.

Anyway, if you’re a subscriber who actually looks forward to these monthly blog posts, my apologies. I’d be happy to simply correspond via email with you. I’m also addicted to Facebook and Twitter, so you can find me there (but I don’t recommend Twitter unless you can stand the obnoxiously partisan version of me).

I’ll let you know when anything major happens, and I’ll be updating the subscriber freebies  fairly soon, too. So please stay tuned!

P.S. I’m also trying a new cover for BARDWELL’S FOLLY. This poor baby is my problem child. I know it needs more reviews, and I’ll be trying to do something to give it a better shot at success, eventually. If you have any suggestions, feel free to pass them along.



2 thoughts on “So I can meet other goals in 2018, this blog is going ad hoc

  1. I have this strange feeling I’ll love your partisan self, and find her not the least obnoxious!

    I don’t have any real publishing answers – so far, I’ve managed to place a three short stories in small presses (and get nominated for a Pushcart Prize for “Being Colette,” so I guess that’s a credential, now that I think of it), and to have a flash story, “Symphony at Song Glass Cabin” pending publication later this year.

    As for farming your creations out – well, I didn’t even send my kids off to school, so I tend to land on the side of tending them yourself.

    For me, this is the year I fling myself and my word-babies into the indie publishing world – I may begin with poetry and/or parenting essays culled from my long-dormant unschooling blog and elsewhere.

    I LOVED Bardwell’s Folly. All caps love. I tend not to be great about giving reviews other than on fan fiction sites, but my life has slowed down of late, and I’m taking a new view on what matters. I’ll get over to leave you some kind words. Maybe they will help.

    If you were interested, we could also do some kind of interview on my blog, which could offer a wider net, perhaps.

    Since you are something of a trailblazer for where I want to be, it would be my honor to help you out as I can.

  2. That’s so kind, Shannon. Perfectly happy to do an interview. And you seem to be making very good progress with those publications. After Amazon Marketing Services pulled the rug out from under me with Ribs, recently, I’m afraid I’m much less excited about indie pubbing. It’s fine if you write only cozy, sweet, inoffensive stuff, but if anyone anywhere might be offended by your original literary take on something, Amazon might just slam the door in your face and then torture you with various mutually exclusive explanations as to why. So, I will be going wide with all my stuff over the next few months, and giving traditional a try with the new one, which the betas are very excited about.