Cover image for THE COMPLETE DISASTER, with a purchase linkTensions run high in Lawson after a Somali Bantu refugee family moves to town. Can the same people who welcomed Mary Bellamy and her scandalous pregnancy open their hearts to newcomers who appear to have far less in common with them? Especially when a horrific accident involving town cop Winslow Jennings highlights those differences even more?

Winslow’s marriage is already afflicted by secondary infertility and a cranky old man. His little boy still doesn’t know the truth about his biological father. His brother is lobbying them to sell the farm. Can the Jennings family survive the fractures forming in it?

Meanwhile, Annie Soper faces a sustained campaign against her role as unofficial food pantry director from a wealthy newcomer who seems particularly offended by Annie’s weight. A traveling Scottish ex-pat distracts Annie from her troubles with the possibility of romance, but after her disastrous first marriage, can she really trust him, or anyone?

Sandra Hutchison returns to the Jennings family and other favorite characters with this timely new novel about loving our neighbors as ourselves.

This is a sequel and thus contains spoilers for THE AWFUL MESS, but it stands alone as a complete story. Start reading it today!


Cover of Disorganize MeKathy dreams of a serene, tidy world in which everything has a place, but she’s less than certain she can make a go of the organizing business her aunt has left her. Diego, the handsome Puerto Rican guy she sometimes employs, dreams of a woman who will love him despite the considerable baggage he’s carrying.

Close quarters spark romance, but when they discover neither is exactly who they thought they were, they’ll face brutal decisions about how much they’re willing to give up for each other. This novel asks: Who gets to live the American dream? If you like fast-paced book club fiction with a social conscience, a warm heart, and a sense of humor, you’ll love this riveting new love story by the author of THE AWFUL MESS.

“…Hutchison weaves real-world issues into this contemporary novel with nuance and care and without overpowering the central story of two young people figuring out how they fit into society, their own families, and each other’s lives.”
Jennifer Klepper, author of UNBROKEN THREADS

“A nuanced, warm, and necessary read, especially now. I couldn’t put it down.”
Barbara Bos, Managing Editor @womenwriters

“Kathy and Diego aren’t just characters in a book – they leap right off the pages and into your heart. I smiled as I read this, because it was told with such humor and warmth.”
Amazon reviewer


cover of Bardwell's Folly by Sandra Hutchison


bardwells-folly-tugboat-designDori Bardwell left college to care for her younger brother when her famous Southern white novelist father crashed the rest of the family into the Atlantic. Now she’s saddled with a house the town calls “Bardwell’s Folly,” a complicated trust that won’t let her sell it, and not enough money to live on.

When her resentful ex-boyfriend gets involved, she can’t decide whether he’s intent on friendship, revenge, a second chance, or just more landscaping.  She’ll find out the hard way when a media baron tries to get his hands on her father’s last, unfinished manuscript, his charming son tries to get in her pants, and her own thoughtless blackface joke goes viral and turns her life upside down.

With a new, media-savvy African-American friend who has her own ambitious agenda, Dori embarks on a voyage into her secret Southern family history that might just lead her right back to where she started.

If you like humorous, heartfelt book club fiction with a strong romantic thread, a love of literature, and a sharp eye for race and class in America, you’ll love BARDWELL’S FOLLY.

“Dori is a fabulous, sympathetic character, caught up in a rollicking, funny, original, beautifully-written journey.”
— Lucia Nevai, author of SALVATION

“A highly engaging story with well-fleshed-out characters and flawless prose.”
— Tahlia Newland, author of THE LOCKSMITH’S SECRET

“Once again, Sandra Hutchison expertly weaves enticing characters with captivating imagery, creating a story so engrossing it’s impossible to put down and even harder to forget.”
— S.M. Freedman, author of THE FAITHFUL and IMPACT WINTER


The Ribs and Thigh Bones of Desire -- showing a (dressed) teenage girl on a bed, looking rather pensive.


In a small Western Massachusetts town in 1977, a widowed physics professor and the girl who used to babysit his daughter forge a bond fraught with potential scandal as they try to help each other survive loss, guilt, fear, trauma, and growing up.

THE RIBS AND THIGH BONES OF DESIRE asks: Is there ever a time when doing the wrong thing can be exactly right? A 2015 Readers’ Choice Award nominee for literary fiction.

“It’s a gutsy, beautiful book.”
— Tim Farrington, author of THE MONK DOWNSTAIRS

“…a beautifully crafted book about loss and grief, marriage and family, sex and evil and the resiliency of the human spirit.”
— Jillian Coleman Wheeler at

“…entertaining all readers while providing grist for the mill to those who are looking for something deeper.”
— BigAl of BigAl and Pals

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Cover for The Awful Mess: A Love Story




A recently divorced woman tries to start fresh in a small New Hampshire town, but a surprise pregnancy, a shocking secret, and a handsome cop shatter her expectations.

One of five general fiction semifinalists for the 2014 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award, THE AWFUL MESS explores how people reconcile their feelings, their beliefs, and their community with the occasional absolutely horrifying screw-up.

Read a free sample HERE.

Now available in audio, too,  via Tantor Media, and narrated by Audie-nominated Susan Hanfield.

“lovely and humorous” — Publisher’s Weekly review of the ABNA manuscript

“engrossing and well-written” — BigAl at BigAl and Pals

THE AWFUL MESS is a wonderful read. 4 stars!

— JuliaSpencer-Fleming (@JSpencerFleming) November 3, 2015

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