The Complete Disaster

cover of THE COMPLETE DISASTERTensions run high in Lawson after a Somali Bantu refugee family moves to town. Will the same people who welcomed Mary Bellamy and her scandalous pregnancy open their hearts to newcomers who appear to have far less in common with them? Tensions run especially high after a horrific shooting involving them and town cop Winslow Jennings.

It’s a trauma that will force Winslow to decide how much he can protect his marriage and family and still keep his idea of himself.

Meanwhile, Annie Soper faces a sustained campaign against her role as unofficial food pantry director from a wealthy newcomer who seems particularly offended by Annie’s weight. A traveling Scottish ex-pat offers the possibility of romance, but after her disastrous first marriage, she’s reluctant to trust him, or anyone.

Sandra Hutchison returns to the Jennings family and other favorite Lawson characters with this timely new novel about loving our neighbors as ourselves.

This is a sequel and thus contains spoilers for THE AWFUL MESS, but it stands alone as a complete story. Start reading it today!